Devil Child

I really enjoyed the kidlet last night. Well, apart from the spectacular tantrum she threw in the car on the way to pick up the Boy from the ferry. It involved mucho tears and yelling “It’s not faaaaaaaaaaair. You ALWAYS get to do what you want and I NEVER get to do what I want!!!” Actually, I enjoyed that too. I laughed quite a lot and the kid met my response with “Stop laughing! It’s NOT FUNNY!!!” Which never fails to amuse me even more, but I hid it better after that 😉

After the “It’s not fair!” outburst she seemed to be rather lucid so I tried to explain the concept of being responsible and choosing to do things that you have to do, rather than things you just want to do. I told her that as soon as she showed me she could make choices which involved things she had to do, then I’d give her more freedom to make those choices. And she understood! Or at least seemed to.

Later on she asked me “Why do you have to do the things you have to do?” which made me laugh again, given that most of the things that I “have to do” relate to parenting a certain Devil Child, so I told her as much. Well, sorta. I said “To make sure our lives run smoothly” (Smoothly. What a joke! Ah well.) and illustrated my point with the need to wash dishes so that we have clean plates etc to use. And she got that too! Yus! Parenting lesson success!

So yeah, for the most part she was cuddly and cute and talkative and squiggly and clever and she listened! I feel like I haven’t had a night like this for MONTHS!


5 thoughts on “Devil Child

  1. Hurrah to parental victories! I think I've almost tamed Miss Fussy Eater 2010. Last night we had pad Thai, she ate the tofu and the prawns which is one up on me as I can't stand prawns.


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