I’m so all about following dreams

The amount of times I’ve had drunken career coaching sessions with people which generally go along the lines of “If you could be anything you could possibly be… ignore any barriers… what would it be?” and then a barrage of encouragement, pushiness, and depressed sighing at protestation of inability to acheive dreams follows.

I wish everyone would do things that make them happy… in their work life and in their personal life. I mean, not at the expense of others of course… but don’t settle ya know?

The cool thing is that my lovely friend Tash is currently doing just that. She’s just launched her new line of hand dyed yarn.

Tash and I originally met through bloggy land and in person when she invited me down to her place for Crafternoon Tea where she proposed the idea of forming a knit graffiti group… a little idea back in 2007 which turned into OutdoorKnit. This girl dreams big… but knows how to make it happen. The same thing happened with Knitsch Yarns. It came from an exciting idea during her days as a shop assistant at Socktopus, and has emerged as a fully NZ made crafty bizzo run by Tash and her family… they have knittyness running through their veins, that lot. (Ana has moved on from her ‘arty holes’ right?)

The best bit is that I know how passionate she is about her fledgling business and knitting and craftiness in general. She’s a truly nerdy knitting kid; my favourite kind of person. So I just wanted to say how proud I am of my awesome dream following friends… and well, all the people who are giving it a go out in crafty business land – it’s totally inspiring.

P.S. There may, or may not, be a yarn that is named after the Devil Child. The kidlet has requested some ASAP and I may just have to indulge.


3 thoughts on “I’m so all about following dreams

  1. Two things:
    Yes, my comments got spammed today; and
    Over the weekend I realised my fave people in the world have all followed their creativity and their passion and turned it into their work. It's terribly brave because it's YOU, rather than being something you do for a number of hours during the week.
    So I agree with you. Totally.


  2. I bought some at Craft 2.0 (In cherry ripe), and I CAN NOT wait to make something with it. I'm thinking I might try making some socks for the first time.


  3. Ohhh I like the Hanny Pants colours! Good picking Hannah! I think she should create more and your friend should call the next one Hannakins.


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