A regular occurence

Devil Child pissed off that I am making pumpkin soup for dinner… wishfully thinking that she can have plain pasta instead. I’m one of those evil parents that lives by the mantra “I provide the food, you eat it.” and so refuse to cook separate meals for the kidlet.

Hannah: “Mum, I don’t like you very much because you are not doing what I say.”

Me: *sly smile* “I don’t always have to do what you say though Hannah.”

Hannah: “Well, sometimes you have to do what I say and this day is one of those sometimes.” *indignant look on face*

Me: *rofling up a storm*

Hannah: “And it’s NOT FUNNY!”

9 thoughts on “A regular occurence

  1. Hahahahaha I am LOVING all of Hannah's little gems at the moment. I love that she is finally old enough to have an opinion… And looks like it is going to be a strong one. Have fun with that 😛


  2. I wish my little miss would talk to me like that! I am told daily that dinner is “disgusting” which makes me feel great! Muhahahaha we are having pumpkin soup for dinner tomorrow too 🙂


  3. Jake and Hannah would be such a dangerous combo. I get
    “you're bossy mum”
    “yes, because I'm the boss”
    “stifled laughter”

    don't they realise that actually, it IS bloody funny!


  4. Ha ha! Brilliant. Tonight I got Miss I throwing a hissy fit in time out, and when I went to talk to her she was making these hideous faces to demonstrate how annoyed she was – hilarious super frustrated faces that just made me laugh. I got “STOP laughing mummy I'M BEING SERIOUS!”


  5. Oh that could have been a conversation in our house! Especially the first and last line. Though at the moment it would be “Mummy I don't like what you're saying and I don't want you to say it anymore” Oh if only that line worked in RL!


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