And then she’s not cute

Honestly, what is with the tantrums lately?! She’s driving me mental. We pick the boy up from the ferry every single night and apparently this week that has been the cue for a giant, dramatic melt down.

I tried instituting a sticker chart for good behaviour but she’s decided I need one for being a grumpy mum, and so now every time I try and use it as leverage she just tells me when she is or isn’t going to give ME stickers! ARGH!

It’s time to channel Zen-mama. Ha. I’m the least zen person you will EVER meet.

9 thoughts on “And then she’s not cute

  1. That is quite funny, how is your sticker chart going grumpy mum? Do you think its something to do with the red hair – I can see my one coming out with the same in a couple of years – she is already counting to three if Im late with her tea


  2. Haha, love it! I was told the same thing a while ago!
    My grumpy mum charted would be over loaded with stickers atm 😦 Wish I could say it gets better as they get older (coz 4 months is so much older :P).


  3. Hahahahaha. Is it bad that I find this funny??
    P.s. Are you coming down for Easter?
    P.p.s. Cherie is in Auckland when I am (9th till 12th) so we should all hang, and you two can finally meet!! Although Cherie will have to bring her Mum…


  4. Yep, down at Easter. Come play! You been to the new house yet?
    And awesome, will be rad to meet Cherie. I just did a double take as I thought I already had. Turns out I just read her blog. heh.


  5. Hahaha you guys are such blog geeks slash stalkers… But judging by all of my comments on here lately I guess I fall in that category too.
    Coolies about Easter. I am working all weekend but will have the arvos and nights free so we can hang then! Yep saw the house a couple of weekends ago. I was first!! It's pretty cool. My fav part is the wall paper in the spare bedroom. Just trying to convience Jute to save it for me…


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