I went away for a week. And now I’m back and you get a bullet point post. ha.

My life:

  • A lot of driving apparently. Went to a wedding in Palmerston North last weekend, was heaps of fun! And Liz and Lewis were awesome for letting us crash at their place… and displace their son from his bedroom. Sorry Taine! And this weekend we are on our way to Wellington for Easter with the family. And trying to jam as many friend visits in as possible without my family getting pissed at me.
  • My neighbour keeping me awake by blaring Michael Jackson at 2am on WEDNESDAY MORNING. While dancing her little heart out by herself in her lounge. Seriously. WTF!? I’m taking suggestions on pay back. A rat in her mail box seemed quite appealing at 2.30am Wednesday morning. Since then I’ve decided maybe I just supply her with a CD of my chosen music so at least I don’t have to listen to MJ. (Sorry MJ lovers… it just ain’t my thing)
  • I’ve become an expert on menopause as part of my job.* Just delightful. It’s given me another thing to rant about… then medicalisation of menopause and the billions of dollars that drug companies are able to make by selling drugs to healthy people. Rahhhhh!
  • The sticker chart is now working. Turns out the catalyst was actually getting a sticker. So I imagine I’ll be able to use the chart to guide behaviour for about… hrmmm… another 2 days? If I’m lucky.
  • I had to get all ranty at Han’s teacher after she came home with “We learned about a man called Jesus today.” despite me excluding her from religious instruction last year.** Turns out you have to RE-exclude. ARGH. I’m considering writing a rude note to the school. And then running for the Board of Trustees and trying to take on the white, middle-class, midde-aged, conservative Christian types that run the show round here. Orrrrr maybe not. Will work on flushing out the fellow white trash, young, slightly hippy parents that I know are out there.
  • Oooo I bought new shoes. Fun.

And that’s about as exciting as I get at the moment. I’ll be back after Easter and hopefully will have some imagey goodness. I’m even getting bored of reading my writing.

Enjoy the holiday!

* Actually not an expert at all… just so ya know. But I know it’s good to eat licorice! So go forth and chow down on that licorice goodness, my friends.

** Yes, I’m excluding her. Doesn’t mean that I’m not teaching her about religion though. Except currently I’m failing. The recent conversation went like this:
Hannah: Jesus died and came alive again 3 days later.
Me: Well, yes, that’s what some people believe and the idea behind that is…
Me: Hannah, I’ve got a frigging degree in religious studies…
Hannah: You don’t know Mum.
Me: Argh.


6 thoughts on “Oops

  1. Enjoy Wellington! I hope it's nice weather for you. I'm working this whole weekend *sigh*.

    I think it's great that you're going to teach Hannah about religion instead of doing it through school. I plan to do the same with my kid/s (if I have any). It concerns me that they might only get one view from school. And Christianity taught as fact is a wee bit scary (though I did LOL at your exchange).

    Have a great weekend!

    P.S – I've given you an award, it's on my blog πŸ™‚


  2. I vote a brick through the window…..my solution to anyone who would dare fuck with my precious little sleep atm.
    I have contemplated taking the child woken by said noise and handing them over with you woke them, you get them back to sleep….seems a good idea at 3am anyway.

    Last nights Family Guy would show Han a thing or 2 about the cult zombie god.
    * please don't take any of my suggestions seriously they all show what a crap parental influence I am πŸ™‚


  3. Nikki, you are hilarious. I just found you via KMB, and this post made me smirk and smirk. What a riot! You have to re-exclude? Bizarro! Will be making a note of that little tidbit for my cherub's future years in school…and I am religious…I just would rather that information came from meeeeeeeee.

    Alright, must head off now I read your other posts. I've done all my chores, I deserve it. Honestly, blog-reading is my sticker chart. Also, sometimes I give myself stickers.


  4. 'Well that's what some people believe' is used here very, very often. Don't get me started on this topic as I may start sounding completely derranged. And I wouldn't want to offend anyone. Lets just say that Minnie will be wearing a Richard Dawkins fanclub tee-shirt next year…



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