I need the kid back. STAT!

 The delights of not having to be parentish: two minute noodles.

The kid is away for the school holidays. That’s two whole weeks. And on my second childless night I have already descended into the two-minute-noodles-for-dinner type living that childlessness encourages. It turns out that the kid is the only reason I keep shit together round here!

Other novelties of the childless that I have indulged in the last two days:

  • Leaving the house on time in the morning
  • Not having to sprint out the door of work at 3.55pm and stress my way through motorway traffic so as not to piss off the kid’s after school carers
  • Not packing for a year long trip to Siberia and the Pacific Islands every time I decide to go anywhere
  • Going on a date! To a restaurant! And a movie! Without having to put the kid to bed first!
  • Eating ice cream without having to wash and tidy away the evidence
  • Taking my sweet time in the supermarket
  • Not worrying about contracting nits/gastro/the flu/any other child-borne infectious illness
  • Geeking when I get home from work instead of having to do cooking/cleaning/bathing/bedtime routine upon setting foot in the house

It’s bliss I tell ya. Bliiiiiisssss. But I do miss the kidlet. Especially when I get emails from my Mum about Han loving the “liiiiiberry” (library) and making Mr. Fox masks. And when I have to ask her a zillion questions to have a conversation with her, but as soon as I mention going out for dinner and a movie, she asks me a zillion questions.

I do intend to actually be productive this next two weeks without the kidlet. Which is part of the reason I feel able to renew a commitment to being a blog geek. I’m going to attempt to get things going around here again by blogging every. single. day. Consider this number 1 people. The challenge will officially be over on May 8th. Yuhuh.

So… see ya tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “I need the kid back. STAT!

  1. Mmm noodles!

    Cuuuute about the library & Mr Fox masks! *adds library to list of places to go these holidays*

    Yay for 2 weeks of grown up, irresponsibility, and yay for lots of blogging!


  2. It's weird isn't it – the kind of empty space? Jon was at a mate's overnight and the week before he was at camp. He's not nearly as dependent as Han but I still feel kind of strange when relieved of the need to be concious of his needs!


  3. ocasional kidlessness is a necessary thing if you're a fan of your sanity, but i too am always caught off guard by how much miss having them all up in my bidness 😉
    i'm still getting used to weekend at dad's house, but having weekend to MYSELF is pretty sweet!


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