Paint it black

I’ve waited so long to paint my nails black. Years and years and years and years. Excuse crap phone pic. It was mostly to disguise the crap nail painting job I did.

I haven’t officially achieved the nail dream as one of them is an acrylic that was put on for the wedding in which I was a bridesmaid(y type) two weeks ago. But it’s growing its little heart out underneath that acrylic and will be fab (and weak as hell) when I get it removed in a while.

I think I’m done with nail biting… for now. At the very least I won’t be back to the atrociousness that I have been in the past. And trust me when I say it was bad. I look at the photos on wikipedia for nail biting (onychophagia) and am all “they call THAT nail biting?!?”

And on the black theme, here’s one of my favourite songs ever in the history of awesome songs. McJagger…. the 1960s… the singing… the geeky scrawniness… *swoon*

2 thoughts on “Paint it black

  1. Congrats on the nail growing! I think I may have kicked the habit at last too and am so stoked to have finally have kept a resolution.


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