Weird shit people like

Like actually.

This little beauty of a mail box resides around the corner from our house. I have plotted many, many times to back in to it with my car to save the neighbourhood from its horrendousness.

Perhaps I should pen a letter from the local residents association advising them that they are violating the code of tastefulness? Only problem is that the kid has seen it and quite fancies it for herself. :/


15 thoughts on “Weird shit people like

  1. Let me guess…they have one of those concrete seals with the big shiny silver ball perched on it's nose in the middle of their front lawn and (if you ever went inside to use their loo) they'd have the spare loo roll under a crotched lady too…save the whales maybe but that dolphin needs to die.


  2. oh, this just made me laugh! what is going through someone's mind when faced with purchasing a new letterbox and a life sized dolphin seems like the right thing to do?!!! so funny 🙂


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