Weird shit people write

“Have the best day ever!” Newmarket, Auckland

But it’s cute. Cute vandalism. I like.

I wonder what I would write if I was let loose with a spray can after a bottle of wine or two?

Probably something utilising the Eff word. It’s a current favourite of mine. Definitely in a positive way… like “You’re effing fantastic, you know?”

Right. Tomorrow I will post something properly. Unless I find some more random graffiti to bleat on about.


3 thoughts on “Weird shit people write

  1. Random graffiti down this way in the paper tonight: someone spraypainted a tag on a goat.

    Yours is priceless, it would make me šŸ™‚ if I saw it too.


  2. Jo and I keep meaning to take post its into dressing rooms in shops.

    And write notes like “you're effing gorgeous” “that looks awesome on you”, etc.


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