So, first things first, I’ve just been out for a bit of Shorty St star spotting at the glorious[ly busy] cafe The Fridge in Kingsland. And while I was there I realised that, fortuitously, Crafternoon Tea market was on just down the road! Woooop! My first craft market visit in Auckland!

Β My new rad clock

And despite the fact that it was a very small market, I managed to find two awesome things to buy. I think that says something for the quality of crafty peeps there.

OK, it’s a truly average photo but it’s a flower brooch made out of zips!

And now onto the stalking bit… while I was at Crafternoon Tea I happened upon a few crafters who I had come across online already. Most have blogs so you sorta forget that you aren’t actually best friends and approach them in person like you’ve known them since you were two.

Poor Jennie from A Little Vintage had that experience today when I rocked up and launched into “Oh hey! I found your blog the other day. I’m your new stalker. And by the way, your kid! With the glasses on! Ohhhh so cute!” The friend I was with isn’t so terribly geeky as me so she was all “Are you nuts?!?!” But I don’t feel nuts doing it… well… no more nuts than usual. So I thought it was probably time I did a new introduction to your friendly stalker.

So hi. I’m Nikki. Not a model, of course. Probably actually a fairly true depiction of me.

But here’s the less weird version:

Less weird Nikki. A little overenthusiastic but totally harmless.
So if a strange person approaches you and blathers on like she knows everything about you. ‘Tis probably me. And now you have a handy photographic reference so you can either run away when you see me coming, or do some reciprocal stalking should you feel that way inclined.
And on that note… new fabulous people I have started [lovingly] stalking:
You guys are neat.

6 thoughts on “Stalking

  1. Haha this made me laugh because I've been reading your blog for ages (and don't think I've ever commented) but thought I saw you at the Clevdon A&P Show last year, but thought it would be too stalkerish to introduce myself. So hi! I'm Jessicah πŸ˜›


  2. I loved this post. I've been reading (and really loving!) your blog for about a year now and seeing these photos was pretty neat.

    If you feel so inclined, drop by my blog. Then maybe the e-stalking won't be so one sided. πŸ™‚

    NotAnotherPrincess dot com


  3. Me???!!!! this made my day πŸ™‚
    i've totally been blog/twitter stalking you. You're updates and posts are always making me laugh. i wish i could run into you in new zealand, i think we'd get along smashingly.


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