Procrastination is a valuable tool…

… if used in the right way.

Today I planned to tear out my dead vege garden. Instead I managed to make three pairs of undies for the kidlet.

They are a good fit but given that I wanted them to be the next size up from her current stash, they could be a bit bigger. Maybe next time. I can see the whole make-your-own-undies thing becoming quite addictive. I want a rainbow pair too!

The third pair I made were from bamboo velour and only had a one way stretch – the other two are from cotton lycra. The bamboo velour ones are definitely on the small side. And of course they are the kiddo’s favourites.

And my garden continues to rot.


10 thoughts on “Procrastination is a valuable tool…

  1. Cute! What pattern did you use? Funny you mention gardens as I finally got around to planting some more vege in mine! Wasn't an easy task though – as soon as I even went near the spade, Immy decided to make a beeline towards me and started to whinge. Now, to remember to water my new seedlings, ugh.


  2. Sorta cheated and traced around a current pair she has… then added a bit here and a bit there. Ditched the gusset but I think I'd put it on next time.


  3. Gotta smile – I remember when being able to sew kids undies was the quintessential heights of clever motherness. BTW I have a doll's pair pattern. Matching undies with your doll really rocks 🙂 I have an awful feeling I've biffed it but I used to have a good undie pattern that goes up to size 12 or so. I'll look out for it while I de-clutter for the big shift.


  4. I need to make some of these in stripes for Teo. He would pee his pants from excitement, but maybe he wouldn't, because he would want to salvage the undies. Awesome. would have to make a minor adjustment to the front bit in order to 'accommodate' the bits and pieces. But can you imagine him running around in stripy rainbow undies? OMG I think I just peed my pants.

    xxx bons
    PS. Teo misses your girly. He “wants to go to school with her up in Auckland”. He tells me on occasion.


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