Trying to embarrass myself into action here. I have many things on my needles at present. The worst bit is, most of them have been on for more than a year.

1. Cuinn’s Nikau jersey. This really has to be frogged and made into something else. I ran out of yarn most of the way through and turns out in the time I took stuffing around with it all, Naturally have stopped making that colour. Awesome. Then I still have to make little Cuinnathon something. Although I imagine Simonne gave up loooong ago.

2. Shrug for Ally. This is in many pieces but I’m at a part of the pattern where I have to actually concentrate. Me + knitting + concentration = not good. This is why I generally stick to seamless, simple knits. No brain power required.

3. My Bibi jersey. I still love the pattern… I just have no motivation to get on to the next sleeve. I think I started having to pay attention the pattern and it all went downhill. Refer above 😛

4. Jute’s fingerless gloves. Oh, actually, these are over 2 years old I think? They were going to be mine to match my hat but Jute has since stolen my hat so she may as well have the gloves as well. Not that I would have ever worn them together anyway. That’d be nafffffffff.. I live in Auckland now. We don’t even get a proper Winter. May as well learn how to crochet bikinis or some shit.

5.  My scarf. I claimed I would never knit a scarf again after the Scarf of Doom. Then I decided I could totally knit one for myself and it wouldn’t take nearly as long as the SoD. Turns out I was wrong. ha.

I’ve got so many other things I want to knit so I just really need to get my ass into gear and finish them all!

End of May realistic? Yeah? Yeah.


3 thoughts on “Works-in-[not-a-lot-of-]progress

  1. I have my own scarf of doom. Large garter stitch horizontal striped scarf of never endingness. It was supposed to be Mum's 2009 birthday present but I'm only 1/3 through. I hate everything about it and have now lost the needle points I was using, I think its a sign.


  2. Nikki – have you tried a search on Ravelry for the Naturally? Someone might have some stashed they'll let you have. Plus has Knitworld done a branch check for you – if not email me and I'll have a go.


  3. S – yeah, I have. The only person on there who had some up for trade/sale refused to go to the post office to see how much it would cost to send. Damnit.

    Perhaps I'll ring Knit World. They stopped stocking it quite a while ago though :/


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