So. Today I attempted to plan a blog post. My first idea came as Hannah declared that she needed her rain coat on to go and visit her friend. For some reason she is convinced she can predict the weather, and apparently she’s forecasting rain from here until eternity. (Never mind that we actually need some damn rain so it’d be quite nice if she was right.) She looked super cute in her raincoat so I bribed her into posing for some photos.

The other thing I was going to post about was the train wreck I mentioned yesterday. On my way home I realised that the top was semi salvagable so I made an attempt to fix it. Then D took a zillion photos of me wearing the top, I got sick of the photoshoot, and it turned out I looked crap in all the photos so I decided not to blog about it.

I started going through the photos of my rain obsessed child and it became clear that I’m a rubbish photographer so I couldn’t post anything serious. In order to blog about something (ANYTHING!) I decided to post the photo of Hannah being a complete nutter… as usual.

And while editing the photo I had a little moment of wonder at how much of a loon my child is. I mean, honestly, where the hell does the child get this stuff from!?!

Then it dawned on me… the origin of the goofiness was all too obvious.

It turns out she gets it from me.

I’m pretty sure this is the point where I got sick of attempting to look like a normal human being. Probably the same moment Hannah was at when I was making her pose.


2 thoughts on “Nature/nurture

  1. Heh.

    A friend of mine and I do the “clout”. The Claire pout. She's always done it in photos, and I started doing it to mock her.

    The problem is, I do it now in practically every photo, including when she's not in them. I can't stop! it's like a compulsion.


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