Doctor Love

So, a friend asked me for love advice today. Even called me his “love guru”. I don’t know what that was about… perhaps he was high. In fact, I’ll BET he was high.

Anyway, he has a crush on a girl. Awww. And he thinks she’s really neat. Awww. And last weekend, he sent her a postcard. Awww. Not a soppy one, mind you. A nice one. Awww. But then he hasn’t heard from her since so has descended into that horrible place that is “HOLY SHIT I PUT MYSELF OUT THERE AND MAYBE SHE NEVER WANTS TO SEE ME AGAIN!”

Clearly he had started over thinking things, as we often do in these situations, so I did my usual rosy tinted glasses business and informed him that some people are shit at responding. Perhaps she was in the process of writing one back? Maybe she just hadn’t got to the post office yet?

I think this buoyed him a little as he declared his intention to send another postcard to tell her how lovely he thought she was. So I got all excited and was all “Yes! Woo her! No one woos enough these days.” and generally enthused about how sometimes persistence wins hearts. ha.

But am I encouraging this impressionable young man to live his life like a damn romantic comedy? Sending his crush post cards every day until she can resist no longer and falls head over heels for this dedicated suitor?

Don’t worry, I did point out that it was a fine line between lavishing someone with romantic gestures and outright creepy stalkerishness. I’d hate to be responsible for my friend ending up with a restraining order.

Thoughts please. Alternatively, phone numbers. If I’m wrong about this postcard technique then I’d better have a back up plan for him 😉


6 thoughts on “Doctor Love

  1. He sounds so lovely! Sadly it can't be me he has a crush on – I haven't received any postcards in a looong time.

    I reckon sending one more postcard to the lucky lass is a brave but way cute idea and then if she doesn't respond he's either got the wrong address, or she's not worth the effort. Or maybe she can't read…


  2. Cute! I would like for someone to send me a postcard.

    I think there's a fine line between sweet wooing, and stalky behavious, but I think one more postcard is safe.

    As long as he isn't hand-delivering it?


  3. Thanks Nikki. For the moment, I quite like living in a romantic comedy (although I couldn't sleep most of last night… always a downside!).

    Thinking is still along the lines of yesterday, and I have an uninked postcard in my bag. I just have to think how to phrase this right.


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