• Just got back from dinner. Japanese. Yum.
  • Found my green coat. It’s on trade me. Don’t even think about bidding on it. Yes, I’m talking about you. 😉
  • I bit my lip twice while eating lunch today. Like really chomped down. It still hurts.
  • I spent an extraordinary amount of money on hand soap today. *coufortydollarsgh*
  • Apparently when I’m poor I spend money on stupid stuff.
  • My hands now smell like pamplemousse.
  • Pamplemousse was one of the words that never failed to amuse us during 5th form French class.
  • It’s time for bed.

2 thoughts on “Succinct

  1. Ooo I do love me a magical seamstress.

    Glad you came up with a solution as I was getting rather depressed that the Enviable Duo dream may not be realised.

    Problem solved. Clearly.


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