Dream house

Hannah’s dream house at least… we’ve just got back from a friend’s birthday party. I’d managed to convince the kid to be vaguely enthusiastic about going out by promising her that there’d be other kids there for her to play with. But man alive did the kid’s expectations get blown out of the water… as did mine. Next door to the party (well, it was all one and the same really) was a kid sized house. The coolest freaking mini house you ever did see.

The kidlet was in make believe heaven. She spent ages making all sorts of food in the kitchen. While various adults traipsed through, hunched over, trying to get a look at all the cool things for the kids. I think they were rather jealous of the kids’ lack of height. I know I was.

I don’t think the pictures really do it justice. It was fully wired, with a little lamp out on the front porch, and separate lighting for the main room, kitchen, lounge, and bedroom on the mezzanine. I didn’t check, but I’ll put money on it that there was a little outside light on the second floor deck too. And the TV! And the couches!

Han declared she wanted to move into the house and live there without parents. No danger with the parents part, I could barely squeeze myself up the damn ladder.

But yeah, coolest kid house EVER. Having a builder for a Dad clearly rocks.


3 thoughts on “Dream house

  1. my little friend Yoshie could move in there and live in backyard, like some kind of elf. i shall suggest she moves from japan specifically for this purpose…..and someone will need to build me a replica of this house


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