Family photos

I visited my cousin today. She’s really quite rad. So are her feijoa trees, but that’s a whole other post! While I was there I spotted a photo of her Dad that I really liked. The frame on it had broken, so I took the photo home and scanned it, ready to get a re-print. I’ll hunt out another frame and return it to her soon.

Anyway, this photo is totally rocking, so I intend to have it on my wall. My Great-Uncle (my cousin is actually my second cousin, but it gets a bit complicated trying to explain all that!) is a fabulous classical guitar player… I love that about him. And I love how quintessentially 60s he looks here.* I’m pretty sure I was born in the wrong generation. I’d loooove to have been around back then.

I think I need to dig out more pictures of my family… I have a plan to have a whole wall dedicated to them. At the moment it consists of the photo of my Great Uncle and this one here, but when I track down other cool shots, it’ll be amaaaazing. My family are quite neat.

* At least I think it’s the 60s… if I get that wrong I’ll be totally embarrassed. But then I wasn’t alive then, so I have some excuse for potentially being a bit off, right?


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