The bug world’s plot to ruin my life

I swear to Dog that I was right about the creepy crawly things messing with me. It’s getting ridiculous. This time it is fracking pantry moths. Or Indianmeal Moths as they are also known.

For those playing along, let’s just recap: it started with the ants who tried to poison me, then it was the slugs and snails waging war on my seedlings, before the green vegetable bugs had their own little party, and then the moth in my ear. Like actually. In my ear.

I have no idea how the moths got in our pantry, just that we started noticing a couple of little months inside the pantry every time we opened the door. I’d had no experience with pantry moths before so just ignored them. At some point a little light bulb went on above my head and I remembered that a friend had bemoaned his own pantry moth infestation a few weeks before… leading to him having to throw away most of the contents of his pantry. But denial is a powerful thing, so I convinced myself that the little moths in my pantry were more of the friendly variety. And they just happened to like the pantry… not my food.

Then when I was standing with my Mum making breakfast, my denial was brought to a swift end with my mum exclaiming “Are those maggots on your ceiling?” Enough to make you spit out your breakfast, might I add.

Amid much squealing and general freaking out, we managed to vacuum up the 8 or so maggot-like things crawling across my ceiling. But then just kept freaking coming! You’d return to the kitchen less that 10 minutes after the last maggot cull and there’d be a whole damn lot more wreaking havoc in my kitchen. Not pleasant.

My workmate confirmed my suspicions and I spent the rest of my work day researching the little shites. Turns out they are damn hard to get rid of. I planned revenge, involving pheromones and a very sticky trap. I also resolved myself to having to do as George did, and throw out ten gazillion dollars worth of food. And ew man, that was gross. I found them in the honey puffs, I found them in my walnuts, I found them in my baking powder, and most recently, found them in my Lady Grey Tea. *sob* One shouldn’t have to live in fear of discovering moth pupae while she is preparing a cup of Lady Freaking Grey Tea.

The one good thing that has come out of this ordeal is that I am now over my fear of squishing moths. I couldn’t stand their dusty wings and squishy bodies before hand. But it’s surprising how fast you get over that when you are faced with a pantry moth infestation. We now have little moth coloured smudges over our kitchen. I would clean them up but I like to think they are some kind of warning to other moths not to mess with us. It’s not proving entirely successful but makes me feel better.

And with the combined trap and squish method, oh, and spending a fortune on air tight plastic containers, we have conquered most of the moths. Not completely… as I said, I only just discovered the lovely little home they’d made in my tea… but we are definitely on the way to decreasing the moth population in our house.

Part of me wonders whether every time I squash a bug there is a death registered with the bug type creatures and a black mark put next to my name. Perhaps I’m best to just give in and leave myself at the mercy of the bug world. They certainly are well on their way to kicking my ass as it is.


9 thoughts on “The bug world’s plot to ruin my life

  1. Oh wow, my sympathies!
    We had these feckers last year and they are such a pain to get rid of.
    I started out with a slightly more Buddhist approach, trying to deter them with saucers of vinegar. No effect at all despite many recommendations for it on green pest-control forums.
    Like you, I gave up on being kind about it when I discovered them in one of my favourite things and it was guerrilla warfare after that.
    I also like to leave corpses as warnings, much to A's disgust. I guess the upshot of mucho food wastage is a very organised and hygenically sealed pantry?


  2. YUCK! I do not tolerate maggots very well, or many creepy crawlies where they are not meant to be, actually! I feel so sick just reading that, can't imagine how you would feel!

    That reminded me that ant season is coming up.
    Gah, the flying ants (my pet hate) are going around right now setting up their new colonies for the winter!


  3. yup welcome to auckland unfortunately!! they eat through most thin plastics too, you'll get them in unopened bags of rice for example, and cheap plastic containers often can't keep them out either (i think the tiny maggot wiggle through the seal) so we've opted for the tightest sealing containers we can afford with a diaphragm of gladwrap at the top, cos for some reason they can't eat through that it seems. they like dried herbs too, so keep an eye on that as well! we've just had our 5th invasion if you couldn't guess πŸ˜‰ the moment you let your defences slip *bang* they're back! good luck comrade!


  4. Just threw out all my herbs and spices this morning. Argh!!
    Thanks for the info Nova. Will be in touch if I find any more infestations to formulate battle plan.


  5. Woah! Your life is mirroring the show we're rehearsing at the moment. My character is paranoid about ants in her tea (tea leaves) and in the sugar…and she specifically drinks Lady Grey! Next up for you is a visit from a childhood elf friend.


  6. Oh my baby I love you so much – your writing leaves me in tears. You are hilarious! xxx sorry I'm missing the maggots, the slugs, the snails, the ants (now that you guys shamed me into annihilating the little colony in my corner window)… Rotorua seems relatively pest free (of the buggyworld kind only that is). xx Maman


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