I’d blog if I could

Totally unrelated photo. Apart from the fact that it’s crap. And I’m talking crap. Oh hey! Perhaps it is related.

Four days left of this blogging-every-day business and tonight, I’m not feeling particularly inspired. I did try to take a photo of a young spider man in Otara this morning but I was also driving at the time and so I decided I valued my life more than I did making fun of a preschooler with a penchant for dressing up as an arachnid-based super hero. I did get as far as getting my camera out of its case though. It was a tough decision. Life or blog post… life or blog post.

In other news, I did also toy with the idea of redesigning the blog. Then I decided that the risk of me screwing it up and ending up deleting all my posts since 2005 was high enough that I probably shouldn’t just yet. By the way, can you believe I’ve been blogging since 2005? Probably not accurate as I started off with just rambling about the kid. And she was young. And didn’t do much. It was quite boring. Clearly I’ve moved on to more stellar content since then… like moths. But still, 2005. Misleading.

So. Right. No point to this post. Passed up two great opportunities to wow you people and instead you get stuck with this one! Ace.

5 thoughts on “I’d blog if I could

  1. I can provide you with a photo of a preschooler with a penchant for dressing up as an arachnid-based super hero. My little guy sits mournfully under the washing line waiting for his costume to dry so he can put it straight on again :S
    I don't mind if you want to make fun of him for the sake of the blog, we fully intend on making the most of this phase in years to come.


  2. Don't worry Mel, I wasn't going to pick specifically on that kid. In actual fact, he looked so freaking cute and made me smile all the way to work.

    Hannah has been known to go to the supermarket dressed as a fairy. And let's not mention the time she went to the supermarket wearing a lacey petticoat/slip thing. Hrmmm.


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