It will be a tree

 So Tash started the project “It’s a tree“…

I’ve finally got my ass into gear and am knitting lots of leaves and crocheting piles of flowers… all to decorate some lamp posts as trees. We’ve got another week to get shit sorted. Here’s the official story:

There are a few very tall lamp posts outside the New Dowse in Lower Hutt, and OutdoorKnit decided it would be a pretty fun idea to turn them into something different…trees! What OutdoorKnit needs is lots of knitted, crochet or even sewn flowers, leaves and native birds to cover these ‘trees’. The best medium for this is acrylic – it wears better when the weather gets a bit grotty.

 And in other OutdoorKnitty news… I booked flights to Wellington today for an exciting project which might involve more fences. I can’t wait!


4 thoughts on “It will be a tree

  1. Hi Nikki! I've just found your blog, and the name of it made me laugh. I too have a 'red-headed devil child'
    I used to say that he was my punishment for any sin I ever committed. (we had his horns removed at birth) He is 19 now,and has done an almost complete turn around. Love what I've read of your blog so far and I'll be back to see more!


  2. Oh, hey, on Outdoor knitty things, also…Last Monday, when I was feeling a little blue, I walked down to Kilbirnie, and past what is left of the hearts Jo and I and others did in February.

    I pulled off some of the mankier bits, but gosh, seeing them made me smile. 🙂


  3. Hey Anne! Han is devil child partly because I maintain she is spawn of satan 😉 Kidding… kinda. Glad to hear they improve with age!

    Megan – Yay! 😀 Imagine how many other people you've made smile too huh? xo


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