Thoughts from the shower

I cleaned my shower. Momentous occasion. The internal monologue went a bit like this…

  • Woahhhh… cleaning the shower with your glasses on is a baaaad idea.
  • You’d think that with the combination of water, soap, and general movement, that showers wouldn’t have to be cleaned.
  • Someone should really invent a self cleaning shower. I’d buy it.
  • Oooo…. I’m growing some neat shit! It’s preeeeeetty.
  • I could totally invite bacteriologists and mycologists over to view my giant agar plate.
  • Probably not a good plan… wouldn’t want to induce world wide panic.
  • This eco-friendly cleaner is all very well and good, but it ain’t doing much cleaning.
  • Ah feckit. I’ll do some more tomorrow.

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