The secret lives of the childless

I like beer. And I really like pubs.

I just got home from a work farewell thing. The thing that sucks about being a working parent is that I am constantly running away from work as soon as I finish as I have to get the kidlet from afterschool care. My childless workmates, however, head off to have a wine… or a coffee… or some other secret thing that childless people do.

But tonight, I was one of them. Yusssssssssss. And then the neat thing is that I get home from my night of freedom and get the enjoy the hilarity that is my kid via facebook status update. Best of both worlds. Woop.

Dion’s facebook status:
Han: *yawn*
Dion: tired?
Han: You yawn cos your body doesn’t have enough oxygen, not because you’re tired.
Owned by a 5yr old!

I know the tone she used, all too well.


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