Deep thinking

I spent this morning doing some really deep thinking and life planning. It was an intense period of alternating between frowing and then staring wistfully out the window. I made several VERY important decisions in this process.

Firstly, I really really really need a KitchenAid mixer. It’s close to being a matter of life or death. The lemon slice I made the other night, despite tasting AMAZING anyway, would have been that much more satisfying to make had I been able to whip it all up in this gorgeous piece of kitchen appliance design:

Secondly, I am angling for a new couch… or two. Like Shannon‘s. Actually, if I could please have Shannon’s whole house, that’d be rad. Oh, and if I could be a little bit more like her that’d also be rad. Kthx.

And finally, I am going to grow my hair. Long. Well, longer. Yeah. It’s taking foreeeeeeeeeeeeeeever though. But circa 2030 it’ll look like this (but probably with lots of grey by then) – Nicole Richie has rad hair:

And now with that planning all done, I feel like my life is much more on track. It’s almost as good as actually buying all that stuff. Must renew my anti-consumerist pledge.


3 thoughts on “Deep thinking

  1. I have my grandmother's mixer. I think it's a Kenwood? It's huge and heavy with teal trim, and just like the one I grew up with except that was navy,and it can beat the shit out of anything, except I broke the whisk attachment on peanut butter ice cream that was too frozen. Quality mixers are a good investment. BUY IT!


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