Princesses on pyschedalic drugs

And you thought the last drawing I posted was disturbing!

I sorted through Hannah’s paper supply the other day and managed to clear out a bazillion old drawings. I’ve had to hone my art critic skills as this kid churns out art work like you wouldn’t believe. Even if I only keep the ones I like, I’ll have to dedicate a section of our house to her gallery.

She told me the other day that she wanted to be an artist when she grows up. But not a crafter. Just paint and sketching thxvmch. I tried to tell her that art and craft often crossed over and she shouldn’t limit her options just yet, but the look on her face was enough for me to stop in my tracks and abandon that particular line of argument. Apparently being a crafter ain’t cool with the 5 year olds these days and debate will not be entered into.

At the last minute my clean out was intercepted and in true tortured artist fashion, Hannah declared that I was throwing out a little piece of her soul with each art work destined for the recycle bin, complete with tears and wailing. Thankfully she decided she didn’t need her whole soul after all and we managed a bargain whereby I let her keep one creation. I escaped easily not because of my stunning negotiation skills, but by putting my body on the line. When I heard her coming downstairs, I threw myself on top of the recycle pile so that she couldn’t see exactly how much of her soul I was getting rid of. Phew. Narrow escape.

I did save a few drawings, including the ones above. Which I will frame. I’m thinking the top one looks like she’s mid acid trip and the bottom one is at the tail end of a month long P binge. They are gonna look awesome on my wall.


2 thoughts on “Princesses on pyschedalic drugs

  1. heh heh they're awesome! like your analysis too… we're still mired heavily in 'family portrait with rainbow an' sun an' grass an' sky' styles at the mo :p


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