Not such a great idea after all

When I offered to do an extra 10 hours per week from home, it seemed like a glorious idea to get a bit more money.

In practice, it’s almost 10pm and I’ve only just finished 2 hours of battling with a really dumb CMS, working on a website. The rest of my day involved spending over 2 hours in a car travelling to work and 6 hours at work stressing over grant applications.

Yaaaaaaaaay. Good day.


5 thoughts on “Not such a great idea after all

  1. Thanks Hannah. It's our web designer's own CMS. Luckily I live with uber geeky computer programmer type and he'll help me. I think mostly I needed food or sleep at that point 😉 heh


  2. Eh…I hear you. I thought designing websites from home was a dreeeeeeeeeeeeam job. Turns out my offspring doesn't sleep as much as would be necessary so as to not set up laptop-camp while she's awake, and wondering why I won't tear myself away from the glowing contraption. Eck.


  3. Life as a WAHM is not all it's cracked up to be – or that's what I think at midnight when I'm trying to finish things up. The good news – there's always someone online to talk to at that time of night!


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