I don’t have a lot of photos printed out… as probably most people with a digital camera these days. Even a laptop spontaneously combusting along with photos from most of 2007 wasn’t enough to spur a print out. Finally I got off my arse… well, rather, stayed on my arse, and ordered some prints from Snap Fish.

The photos are neat quality and all that, and the being-able-to-order-from-bed aspect is definitely awesome, but I didn’t realise that digital photos are a different size than photos from film. So I have a zillion frames that don’t actually fit the photos. Or the ones that do (like above) are smaller than the digitals and so cut off some of the photo. Ya can’t win.

Ah well, I did manage to get enough to finally hang some pictures around the place of the Devil Child. I will cover every inch of this house with photos yet!


2 thoughts on “Childhood

  1. Your photos look beautiful, even if they cropped them funny (BTW, the chemist processing service prints them at 5.3 x 4 inches, i.e. screen ratio, rather than the 6 x 4 inches where they end up cropping them- it took me ages to cotton on to that so now I tell everyone).


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