The one where I bare my soul

The kidlet has no warm clothes. I was only vaguely cognizant of this until Hannah tried to leave the house in a massive downpour, with wintery temperatures, in a damn summer dress. When I told her to put on a jersey and she sauntered out with a bolero jacket on, it was time to face up to her lack of suitable winter attire.

I tried to go shopping today. For at least something for the kidlet to wear under her summer dress. Did I mention the tantrum that ensued when I told her the dress + bolero ensemble was unacceptable for the current weather? Anyway, she didn’t speak to me for a lengthy period of time. So. Shopping. I tried. But I really couldn’t bring myself to buy the slave-labour made crap that was in the stores. And then the more pricey stores just had atrociously made clothing. I mean, $35 for a skivvy where they hadn’t even bothered to finish the garment properly?! Rude.

So sewing it is.

Problem is that in order to sew, I have to do something about my sewing room. If I was entering a glorious room like this, then I’d have no trouble at all:

Photo by Saidos de Concha… unfortunately.

But I am not. I can barely walk into my sewing room without tripping over bins of yarn, bins of fabric, print outs of various patterns, or a freaking server. I did actually trip over the server one day. It took a nice, server-sized chunk out of my shin. Unpleasant, to say the least.
As it is, I don’t wanna go in my sewing roommmmmm. You can’t make meeeeeeeeeee.
So in the interests of clothing my child in seasonally appropriate clothing, I am using the proven shaming-oneself-into-action technique; I’m going to show my real-life, actual sewing room.

This is what is kicking my sewing motivation’s ass:
I cleared a path to the sewing desk by throwing fabric and yarn in piles against the wall. It’s a start right? 

I’ll let you know if it works.

7 thoughts on “The one where I bare my soul

  1. Hullo! Just found your blog via Sarah Von's and was pleased to see a fellow Aucklander! I will have a proper look around your blog soon, but was just going to say Farmers have 50% off kids clothes today and are open late. I found a few nice things amongst the less nice! Have a great day!
    Kate 🙂


  2. Hey Nikki, i hope you didn't get lost in that room girl! lol, shall we call for help? sorry what i mean to say is good on you for not folding and feeding the sweat shop beast and it looks like your well set up to do some major clothes making. Can't wait to see what you create.


  3. Eep that looks like the state of my old sewing room. Now I don't have a sewing room, just my bedroom. Oddly it's made me a tidier seamstress, probably because I actually have to live in my bedroom. Sigh.

    Completely agree about the terrible quality of clothing. I can't buy clothes in shops now – the thought process is generally along the lines of “$45 for a simple skirt I could make for $3? Psh, yeah right.”


  4. Forget warm clothing for kids – waste of time. I turned up for the primary school arbor day tree planting today (after having assumed the rain and cold would mean it was cancelled). Had to send Connie back to the classroom to get her jersey (the warm hat she left for school wearing was nowhere to be seen). Then insist she put it on. Then insist she put it back on. Then give up telling her to put it on. Then carry the raincoat she didn't want to wear. as the rain had (mostly) stopped.

    She survived and we planted harakeke, ti kouka, toitoi, kahikitea and a bunch of other stuff.

    I was togged up in gumboots, Gore-tex, fleece and a woollen swandri (the one made in Whanganui that has “How to survive hypothermia” tips printed on the back of the label – a survivor of the days when New Zealand made things and understtod our climate).



    PS. you should see MY tidy, varnished, freshly painted, shiny room! I'm now making flash coat hooks from brass rod and resin beads to hang my kimono on.


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