Done… sorta

I managed to do the tidying part. And I found a bunch of stuff I didn’t know I had. It’s amazing what you discover in a room you haven’t ventured in to properly for about 6 months.

I also threw out a bunch of really crap fabric. And projects that were never actually going to get finished. Despite the fact that I’d completely forgotten about these works-in-progress so was therefore unstressed about them, I feel remarkably lightened. Brilliant.

Problem is that I still haven’t done any sewing. And now I’ve decided I need somewhere to store my yarn properly and a new [to me] wooden chair for my sewing table which is now seeming that much more exciting than dumb sewing stuff.

What was the point of tidying my sewing room again? Oh yeah, to get motivation to sew. Oops.


12 thoughts on “Done… sorta

  1. Oh wow, look at that! I am sort of half-heartedly sorting out my craft room at the moment. Still piles of crap on the floor though, and getting to the fed-up stage where I am about to start throwing stuff in boxes with wild abandon. But oooooooooh, look at all your Woolganics. If you want to get rid of any of that at any time…


  2. I am jealous, my sewing room consists of a box of fabric in my bedroom and a sewing table in the corner of my living room… not ideal but I still manage to clothe us pretty well.


  3. Azlemed – know the feeling VERY well. My sewing room was the corner of my bedroom until moving to Auckland. I'm ashamed to say that I've sewn heaps less since managing to acquire a sewing room. :/ Useless.


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