[Punkish] Music to my ears

I’m not a real music kid, I don’t live and breathe it… but every now and again I find something I really like.

Le Butcherettes is the latest. Even though they are insanely weird. The lead singer, Teri Gender Bender, is apparently a vegan. Yet dead pigs usually feature in her stage shows. Interesting.

Anyway, Le Butcherettes are rad. I’m liking ’em.

Edited to add: just found this interesting article on the Music Academy which Teri Gender Bender is attending this year (I get a smidgeon obsessed when I find something I like and research lots. heh). It’s mostly interesting due to the discussion around corporate branding of young musicians. I read about TGB in an article in a magazine around the Red Bull Music Academy, and if it weren’t for Red Bull sponsoring that academy, I’d probably never have come across Le Butcherettes. It’s definitely a win for the argument that supports big companies pouring money in when [relatively] unknown artists can reach an audience they never would have had.


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