So yeah, I just got a fringe. Just as I grew out my last one. Am I nuts?

The theory was, that while on my mission to achieve length of the hair variety, I still have to give myself enough of a change to satisfy the “ARGH I’M NOT GETTING ANYWHERE!” feeling. And I think this does it.

The problem is that the chances of me being able to make it look like this again are slim to none. Damnit.

10 thoughts on “Fringe

  1. awwwwww looks way cute. Your making me have second thoughts about growing my hair all long. But then again.. not so much in favour of the twin comments.. and considering your trip down shortly i'll keep growing.


  2. You don't like being confused as my twin? Think about how I feel when they think I'm YOUR MOTHER.

    Thanks lovelies. Hair looks substantially more tragic today but not as bad as I imagined. Yusss.


  3. Hawt.

    I have to hide my hair under a yet to be knitted by my mother beret a) because the regrowth is heinous b) because I don't have time to knit one myself c) any excuse to wear more knitwear xx


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