The one involving a very cold ass

Ice skating: there’s nothing that brings out the gumby more than trying to slide around on thin blades on something as cold and deadly as ice.

Thank freaking goodness for Hannah being of an eligible age to use one of those frames to skate around behind. Saved me much torture and pain as I was able to use “teaching” as a cover for being too wussy and uncoordinated to skate around unaided.

You know what else I object to in ice skating? When you do fall over, you get tonnes of tell-tale icy bits stuck all over your butt, back, and goodness knows where else, so that everyone who sees you for the next 1/2 hour or so knows that you just nailed yourself into the ice. Brilliant.

The kid packed a pretty serious tantrum when we left so I stupidly made the promise that we’d come back and do it again. At that point the surly 5 year old behaviour was more painful than my freezing and bruised butt.

In the mean time, I’m going to watch piles of youtube videos of ice skaters and try and figure out how the heck they manage to stay upright and not die of hypothermia in their tiny little outfits. Spending less time with their butts on the ice is probably step one. Noted.


One thought on “The one involving a very cold ass

  1. Ice skating! I used to scoff when my friend in high school suggested we go ice skating. Then I left Auckland and felt a strange need to go ice skating. Then I found out there are no ice skating rinks in Wellington. FAIL!!! Last time I went was when I was 14 in Switzerland.


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