Why do I do this to myself?

I found this ‘Granny Square a day’ challenge via Rayna’s foray into Tumblr: “Fuck Yeah Granny Square” (LOVE the name!) and decided it’d be a brilliant idea to join in…. just half a year late.

As if I don’t have enough other crap going on. ha.

But I did cut myself some slack and decided to start once I get this damn website launched for work. I’m well over working on it at night. I want my free time back!

So yeah, prepare yourselves for major granny square action. Wooooop. Nanacore!

3 thoughts on “Why do I do this to myself?

  1. That's so funny – I am making a granny blanket for Harper now that he sleeps in a big bed… I make about two a day but they're just in one colour. I make one on the bus on the way home, which means even when the bus is full no-one wants to sit next to me. I'm that old hag in the corner crocheting …


  2. Oooo you're now the crochet lady! Awesome. I love seeing other people knitting or crocheting on the bus.

    And I did manage to have quite a few conversations about knitting/crocheting with non-nanas in my bus knitting time. Man I miss it!


  3. Hi, just found your blog. Am looking forward to seeing all those granny squares {g}.

    I've quite a few granny squares in my loft, crocheted when I was in my teens. Some are sewn into lopsided squares and all are made of really revolting coloured wool – lemon yellow with white, sludge green, and blue rounds. I've never found a use for them (far too horrible for cushion covers) but can't bear to throw them away.
    Do granny squares have a purpose in life?


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