Day one and two

Day one and two down. I feel productive already… except for the fact that I’m already cheating. I crocheted two squares last night and none tonight. Ah well… I’m making the rules here.
This weekend I have some serious WIP finishing to do. And luckily, nothing scheduled. And I am going to officially ban myself from the internet for 48 hours. Yup. I will.
Anyway, the details of the crochet. I decided to use Attic24’s Summer Garden granny square pattern. And I thought I’d work them with one colour and white in each square (green, red, yellow, orange, blue) but now looking at everyone else’s pretty blankets on flickr, I’m thinking that’s a really crap idea. I’m undecided about the alternative colour arrangement… I make the rules up as I go along. So far the rules around colour are just “Don’t make an ugly blanket.”

5 thoughts on “Day one and two

  1. Sharon – I'm learning about crocheting over the ends of the previous round so that you only have to chop them off. Seems to eliminate most of the sewing in job! Unless I'm just fooling myself 😛 (highly likely)


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