Playing house

We are playing house. Or trying to at least.

We went and visited a house this weekend and Dion fell in love with the garage… I fell in love with the idea of not having a land lady come around to tell me how to clean the house.

So the journey begins with trying to find someone to lend us extraordinarily large amounts of money… that part I am working on.

I’m doubting we’ll get out shit sorted in time to get this house, but it’s at least given me hope that we can find something that fits within our budget and satisfies both our tastes. Almost seemed an insurmountable task when we first started looking.

So get prepared for much stress from the woman that loves stressing… especially when money is involved. Can’t wait!


11 thoughts on “Playing house

  1. Oh I hear you! My fiance and I have a condo that we have been wanting to sell for a year now…but the window leaks and the condo company is taking it's sweet ass time fixing it…makes me grrrrrrr!


  2. Is that you Dad?

    And I don't even know if there's anything official in the Anarchist's Handbook about home ownership. I don't think they like it.

    I'd ask Sam (my source for all things anarchisty), but I know he owns a house too.


  3. we went through the Welcome Home scheme, but you have to had beenin job for six months….not sure if you have yet…but if you have, not too shabby a scheme. email me if you want info


  4. we bought our place through the welcome home loan scheme too… its great, we found TSB bank really good to deal with, esp after BNZ said they would give us a mortgage and when we took the papers in for the house they turned around and said no. its awesome owning your own place and being able to change things that you dont like. D


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