Totally OK and very much Go

While I have bugger all news to report, I thought I’d show something unbelievably awesome that I watched tonight. OK Go have to have the coolest music videos made IN THE WHOLE HISTORY OF THE WORLD. I will never ever get tired of watching their synchronised treadmill dance in the video for “Here it goes again”. Never mind that their music is also really awesome.

So anyway, I thought OK Go were rocking it for a second time when Sarah posted another awesome video clip (genius outfits) of theirs. BUT it gets better… tonight I watched a talk by the guy who was responsible for designing a machine (called a Rube Goldberg machine apparently… it reminds me of the machine on Chitty Chitty Bang Bang) for their latest video clip. You can see the talk here. The work that went into that machine is amazing! I highly advise watching the vid of the talk, it’s 11:32 minutes long but well worth it… the vid is at the end.

If you are too lazy and just wanna watch the awesome music video then whatever… it’s still freaking cool.
Anyway, recipe for success for a band if you can get all (or at the very least, most) of your music videos going viral. It’s amazing.

2 thoughts on “Totally OK and very much Go

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