I’ve just been back visiting the fair city of Wellington. It pulled out some craptacular weather for me, and given that I was down there to put up some new words on a fence for OutdoorKnit, it wasn’t an ideal situation.

Luckily, there was a part of the trip that was ideal – timing it with that lovely Hubris woman‘s 30th birthday party. Her XXX Hootenanny, no less. There’s always a danger with costume parties that it’s all a bit naff, but there were some fantastic costumes… and when you succeed on that front, the rest of the night generally follows. Greatly helped along by a pile of alcohol and a vagina cake.

The birthday girl with her vagina covered cake

Anyway, I finally got to meet some people I’d been stalking for a while, and feel like I was actually part of the Wellington geek crew rather than just watching wistfully from afar. And now that I’ve met them, I can happily go back to blog and twitter stalking. Yussss.

Kim of Cupcakes and Mace, Kelly from Immediate Surrounds, and Kate from Lovelorn Unicorn
oh, and some other stalkerish looking kinda girl.
And I got to hang out with one of my other favourite super hot geeksters, Megan Wegan. She may or may not kill me for posting this photo more widely on the internet than it already is. *muahahaha*
Bestest of all, I got to hang out with my rather mental sister and dragged her along to the XXX party as part of my costume: a twin fetish. I do blame her solely for my rather lack lustre state on Sunday and the fact that I managed to get my phone stolen by someone who we drunkenly made friends* with. Well, it had to be her as last time I hung out with her I ended up in a VERY similar state. Common denominator and all that… heh.
So thank you Wellington folk. Apart from the rain, you put on a rather neat time. I’ll be back.
*Friends don’t steal other friend’s phones, just FYI.

11 thoughts on “Wellington

  1. Oh my god! You got to go to Jo's party!!! Hellishly jealous right now. And just amazed that I have never met you. How? Oh, that's right. I have no life. Heh.


  2. Thanks so much for making the trip all the way down, I had a fabo night and I hope your hangover wasn't so bad that you'd never consider partying with me again!


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