The one where I give up sewing for the kid

Last week the kidlet had an All White’s appreciation day to celebrate the stellar effort that the All Whites made to not lose any of their games in the Football World Cup. If you aren’t a New Zealander, then perhaps you’ll think we are a smidgeon mental for celebrating like we won the whole damn world cup when in actual fact, we didn’t even win any of the games we are so hyped about. We, however, are quite happy to celebrate the miracle that is us having some halfway decent football players in a land fairly dominated by rugby.

Anywayyyy… I wasn’t here to ramble about football. I was actually here to tell you about the kid’s new outfit. I refuse to let Hannah wear white clothes ordinarily. I’m not stupid. Well. Actually, I am. It took me approximately 5 years (and about 50 zillion items of clothing) to learn that white clothes on a child is a ridiculous idea. But finally I learned… and then schools goes and throws a “dress up in white” day at me. So, the kid had no white clothes and so I decided it’d be a genius idea to sew her a skirt and a hoodie.

Like all good plans, I only thought of it the night beforehand. I sewed my little heart out late into the evening. And I tried my best to make some items of clothing that Hannah would actually like, given she needed something a smidgeon warmer to wear than the singlets she usually chooses. Apparently I didn’t succeed on that front. She showed much more appreciation for the All Whites than she did for her mother slaving away sewing her clothes, that’s for sure. Given that she didn’t even know who the All Whites were, it wasn’t much at all. How rude.

From all this I have decided that I need to learn to sew for myself. I at least appreciate my efforts and will quite happily pose for a photo. Yuhuh.


2 thoughts on “The one where I give up sewing for the kid

  1. niksta, you can sew for me anyday and i will totally appreciate it! this summer mum's going to teach me how she made my 80's dresses, and we can have a sewing day in vegas 🙂


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