Alley of Cut Collective

I was on a mission for work today in Ponsonby and came across this mural in an alleyway off Ponsonby Road by the Cut Collective. I forgot how awesome it is to find random pockets of street art. Presumably this was a paid mural… but I still appreciate the time and effort (and money!) that street artists put in, often getting no reward and a lot of abuse. Sure, there are some that ruin it, but I can’t find too much to argue about when I come across a piece like this.

The strange thing is, even though it may have been a paid mural, it was virtually un-capped. It seemed like in Wellington, you’d see a decent painting and return 5 minutes later to see some little twerp’s name scrawled over it.

Anyway, yay for rediscovering awesome street art. I know there’s an alleyway in Newmarket (where I work) which has some decent paintings so I’m going to have to investigate. The best thing is that my uber geeky new phone has a decent enough camera that I don’t have to be organised to bring my actual camera with me. Yussss. But that’s a blog post for tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Alley of Cut Collective

  1. The one you've featured was an unpaid wall, the other side of the alley was a commission by the Bhana Bros. We love seeing random street art too, sadly our council has a zealots approach to eradication. Thanks for posting our work!


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