Abandoning my motherly responsibilities

While Hannah is off galavanting around the South Island (specifically the West Coast) with my Dad and brother, I have been thoroughly enjoying the spontaneity afforded by the lack of small person to pick up from school, cook dinner for, and put to bed.

I think I’ve rambled about this before but I find it rather difficult to get to know work colleagues and participate in social outings with my childless friends when I have such a strict timeline in my usual working week. I’m sure most people with kids have the same issue so I don’t know if I should just shut up and deal with it, but being a young mum I have a  rather large group of friends that don’t have kids, so can I whinge a little, pleeeeease?

So this week I’m rather enjoying being able to head out for a glass of wine after work and going to visit my friends without having to pack books and toys and snacks to accompany me. Now that’s what I call freedom! Thank you for hanging out with the kid during the school hols Dad.

On the downside, I don’t get to see this cherubic little face staring at me in the morning:

Seriously. How frightening is that photo? I just found it on my phone and it scared the shit out of me. Devil Child in the extreme. Oh, how I miss her.


3 thoughts on “Abandoning my motherly responsibilities

  1. Bahaha! Love the photo, classic!
    Yay for time off from parenting. It is so nice to remember what it was like before we became mums from time to time eh? Enjoy!


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