The weekend that was

We spent the weekend in Rotorua. There was/were:

  • A 17th birthday party (the Boy’s niece)
  • Crazy 17 year olds (argh)
  • A fight and a fairly decent black eye (not my own)
  • Memories of my own teenage party years (nothing has changed)
  • A police woman… who happened to be a family member of sorts (only in Rotorua)
  • My own drunken friends (turns out not much has changed since we were 17)
  • The Pig and Whistle (tragic as usual)
  • Hanging with one of mah besties (Alley Belly)
  • A chance to catch up properly after 5 years of travelling and university and having a baby and working and boyfriends and family and drama and fun (lots of talking)

Oooo look – it’s Alley and I at her cousin’s (my step-cousin’s) wedding in April

  • Visiting my Poppa and Margo (long overdue)
  • No playing with my mama (she’s in Europe… damn her)
  • Lots of playing with the Boy’s lovely family (handy not to have to run from house to house)
  • A new pillow (yusssssss)
  • And a certain lack of Devil Child (two days to go!)

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