I had to resurrect my super giant bag that Kimber made me the other day (which is handy as I’m trying to keep my knitting with me just in case) as my poor Sugar Lust bag died. The same one as this:

Listing for the same bag – but I’m hoping I can fix mine!

My Kimber bag has always had badges and brooches of different sorts adorning it but it was looking rather bare as I use it so much that sometimes the badges and brooches don’t last as long as they should

I happened to start using the bag again the same day that RW Scissors opened her felt shop. And she happened to open her felt shop with badges that read “I’ve got knits” and “Darn it” (the green badges in the photo above) and as I mentioned, my bag was looking kinda bare. And I needed some more knitting related therapy to help bring back my mojo. So now they’re looking just perfect on my Kimber bag.

I was trying to tell the kidlet about the badges and she happily declared that she’ll wear the “I’ve got knits” badge when she’s next sporting several crawly type insects in her hair. I don’t think she has quite grasped the puntastic nature of knitting geekiness just yet.

Oh, and I found a decent yarn store in Auckland finally! One that means I don’t have to drive all the freaking way to the other side of Auckland to get yarn. Mishi Yarns in Ellerslie has a nice selection of (mostly) NZ yarns. I was quite impressed. Yay for little yarn businesses!


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