The post about a post that isn’t a post… yet

I knitted my little heart out all weekend to try and finish some of the works-in-progress wallowing away in their Ravelry progress bars over there —> (and down a bit… perhaps. Hard to tell in draft post format.)

And sheeeeebus chribus was I productive! Finished knitting the shrug that has only taken me a year to knit, crocheted a couple of flowers to go with it, finally sewed in the ends of my snow gloves that have been waiting almost a year, and then set to work on the first jersey I have ever knit myself which has been waiting for some attention since I knit a sleeve back in October.

But because I was knitting so much, I didn’t get any decent photos. So you get a lovely little [horribly] over exposed shot of my kidlet at the beach today. You can see her “food” creations just behind her. It was quite a delicious selection of sand based canapés. I was most impressed.

My mission this week (apart from continuing knitting) is to take decent photos of my finished projects. The photos will definitely happen. Whether I can pull through with the decent bit is a whole other story.


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