The actual post

Proof. Photographic evidence even. I finished the shrug. I would link to the Ravelry page but my internet connection is running as slooowwwwwww as internetly possible. It was a struggle to load bloody blogger, let alone Ravelry. Argh.

The child modelled for me. Reluctantly. She asked that I refrain from photographing her face. I would have just to spare you from seeing her unbrushed hair, but the photo looked weird. So unbrushed hair and refusal-to-look-at-camera it is. We’ll pretend she’s being pensive rather than surly.

And these are the crocheted flower brooches. Photographed brilliantly, as per usual. Nothing like a little over exposure to show my photographic brilliance. Time was in short supply, people. I was late to work.

So yes, I was totally productive. FINALLY. And it felt good… so I may just continue. And hey, look at me try to get my blogging mojo back too! It’s gonna happen. It will. Especially when I have fun stuff to blog about. Like chicken pox… and almost getting kicked out of a cemetery. That one is next.


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