The post called karma

Blog, this is phone. Phone, blog.

So, I had a post planned in which I would rave about my new, shiny, pretty phone, bought for me by my not-so-new, lovely, thoughtful boyfriend after the great Wellington phone theft of 2010. I was going to wax lyrical about how I’d never thought I’d be a phone geek but I was totally converted by the ace little applications that people write (MOSTLY FOR FREEEEEE) which can do neat shit. Like previously whenever you lost your phone and you thought: “Damnit, they should put homing beacons on these damn things!” Well, guess what? There’s an application for that!

I’d even bought into the iPhone vs. Nexus One wars. Wasn’t aware that there was a war? You probably have a life. If you are aware and you prefer iPhones? Well, you suck – *laughs bitterly at the reception issues with the iPhone 4*. If you are aware and you’re a fellow Android geek then *pulls the secret handshake and knowing nod*.

But all this bragging could only lead to one thing… straight after I staged a little introduction-to-Nexy photoshoot, I dropped the fecking thing. Not just a little drop either. More like a full on, phone propels out of hand, flies a few metres, slow motion, and comes crashing down on to tar seal, does several flips, and rests unresponsive on the wet road. I yelled. A lot. People looked at me weird. I fled to be alone with Nexy and will her back to life. Praised the stuff above when she finally came back to me. I’m pretty sure the Boy would’ve broken up with me if she didn’t. But unfortunately, she’ll never be the same again. She now sports several gouges in her side, top, and bottom, and the bottom covery thing doesn’t quite sit as flush as it used to. I shed a tear… or two… or three.

So, my friends, the moral of the story? Don’t be a wanker about your phone.


3 thoughts on “The post called karma

  1. Think of them as battle scars… It just shows you're not one of 'those' people who are too scared to use their phone for fear of marking it, forever keeping it tightly bound in bubble wrap.

    If it were an iPhone it most likely would have ended up looking like this 😛


  2. So where is the emergency inflatable protection raft that comes flying out of the sides of it to save it from such catastrophies?
    Until that application is thought up I will stick to my simple sturdy nokia bricks.


  3. i read this to lewis and I swear tears welled up in his eyes. he said “i feel your pain” – despite the fact he isn't allowed to buy one.


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