Biting off as much as I can chew

I’ve gone from involvement in one feminist organisation (my job) to three in a matter of days. I somehow managed to get myself on to the governing collective of a pretty damn rad women’s centre, and also a new group which I am part of has been launched: Mothers For Choice – pro-choice group formed to raise awareness of abortion decriminalisation campaign.

I really do love keeping up with political stuff going on around the place, as it wasn’t that long ago that I felt totally out of the loop, but I do need to find some space where I don’t have to stress about the state of our society, horrible legislation going through parliament, and the injustices that are done to people every. single. day. Because sometimes I feel that I will eventually have a breakdown and if I heard anything even remotely close to “government” or “patriarchy” then I’d spontaneously combust. Let’s not go there huh?

So I need to slowwwwwww down. And make sure I still find shit humourous. And not be a stress cadet about things that are beyond my control.


P.S. It’s not the involvement in groups that stresses me btw – just the fact that we are still in a place where they are needed. Now head along and see Mothers For Choice and become a fan of the facebook group. Good people.


3 thoughts on “Biting off as much as I can chew

  1. Hi Nikki – thanks (to you and anyone else who was involved in setting up that group.) Mums have a different and valuable perspective on these things I'm pretty sure …

    Know what you mean about being stressed that things like this are still needed. A couple of experiences over the last few days have made me think that we have kinda regressed in a lot of ways on the feminist front over the past decade or two. 😦

    (And after seeing Toy Story 3 yesterday with family, I was even thinking of starting a group on FB – Pixar, give us some real female heroes! lol)


  2. The Mothers for Choice group is a great idea. I think people need to hear those voices. I'm often told by people who are anti-choice “You'll think differently when you have a child”. It always pisses me off.

    Anyway good on you for joining and being part of it all. I often feel like I'm being pulled down by all the bullshit sometimes. I just drink heaps. I find it works well 🙂

    Haha kidding – eat some lemon slice and keep ya chin up it'll all be fine! The important thing to remember is you're making a difference. Even when it feels like you're not you are in some way.


  3. I find I can't think too hard about just how awful things are because it is really bad for my mental health. This is the main reason I can't accept that Labour won't win in 2011 – not because I really really want Labour to win but because I really really really don't want a second term of this National-ACT tripe (even if it's without the ACT part).

    Thanks for your involvement in Mothers For Choice too 🙂

    (Captcha: bless) !!


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