World domination

As if it wasn’t bad enough with one of us rambling on in the blogosphere, my sister has started a blog about the renovation of their little railway cottage in Wellington. They are both working full time and doing most of the work themselves, yet they’ve made some pretty major progress since they moved in earlier this year.

I think the blog can be well summed up with a text message I received last Sunday morning which read “Nothing like a bit of drunken demolition. Woke up to wooden floors in our kitchen and a pile of lino outside. Haha”

Other notable moments in their attempts to renovate on a budget has involved Jute deciding to water blast paint off a wall and deciding that some moss needed to go at the same time. It turned out the moss was actually holding the roof together and they ended up with a significant amount of water on the wrong side of the house. Yeah, the inside.

You’d think that Gaz would know by now that Jute is big on ideas, not so much on execution. But no, obviously not. Although I think he’s finally convinced her that the exterior renovations can wait until summer and that they should focus on the inside. Good plan.

I’m still waiting for the chapter where they finally get rid of the sponge effect walls in the bedrooms. I have no idea what the previous owner was thinking! Can’t freaking wait for that one. They’re beaut.

Anyway, Jute is hilarious so I thought I’d show her off.

P.S. Forgot to say that my mum is also blogging at Seeing the world sideways about her Europe trip. See – world domination!


2 thoughts on “World domination

  1. Hahaha. Great topic. Actually, funny you mention the sponge effect as i did just post exactly that. I also note you mentioned my desire to coinside exterior jobs with the rainy months. Must have been reading my mind! Don't hold your breath.. go and humour yourself at the death of yellow sponge.


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