Dancing Queen

The kidlet has an amazing dance style. She rocks a fusion of Capoeira, contemporary, ballet, hip hop and highland dancing. She wants to go to dance classes. I can’t pick just one!
My other idea was to let her set up her own choreography business. I think she’d have much more success this way rather than getting the creativity beaten out of her in any one discipline.

6 thoughts on “Dancing Queen

  1. So lovely.

    Wriggly had his second proper session at an ece centre today and he noticed some girls dancing to music in a corner and turned to me and mournfully said “no dancing”. I reassured him he could dance and he started doing the classic NZ dude dance, swaying from one foot to the other. Better than his Mum already! πŸ˜‰


  2. Cool stuff! Perhaps let her choose. Pj chose tap and my red head does hip hop which I chose for him after hours of delight watching him imitate music videos. Most of the class time he spends showing off to the girls though.


  3. I'm not a ballet mum, but I put Jenna into ballet. She seems to enjoy it! Specially cos alot of her friends from school go to the same school.

    So my pick would be for her to find out where her friends go, and you decide if you like their mums, and send her there. I expect we will take Jenna out of ballet in a year or two and chuck her in gymnastics. SHe is a more rough and tumble kid anyway, and she doesn't have the body shape for a ballerina…. Like her mum πŸ˜‰



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