She’s lucky she’s cute

Hannah and I were on out way to the local Four Square (very small supermarket usually in very small towns) to pick up some last minute things for dinner and on the way she’d spotted the first star of the night and had started the obligatory wish chant:

Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, have this wish I wish tonight.

We rounded the corner and pulled in to the car park as she finished making her wish with her eyes squeezed shut. Then she informed me, as we both hopped out of the car, that she’d made her wish for me. A welcome display of affection toward me after a day of otherwise horrific behaviour so I smiled, knowing that she knew the rules about wishes* and I hazarded a guess that it was something along the lines of wishing I was a nice mummy or similar. But it seems she was either not wanting her wish for me to come true, or she wanted to embarrass the hell out of me, or both, because as we walked through the doors and encountered the check out staff and several locals she turned to me and said in a volume only a 5 year old can project when she is about to say something mortifying: “You’re poor aye Mum?” At which point EVERYONE in the Four Square turned around and stared at me. Like, actually. Not even exaggerating.

Queue nervous laughter from me. The child continues, “So I wished you were rich!” Which would have been sweet if I didn’t believe that capitalism and the accumulation of wealth is a big pile of shit and also didn’t presently want to be swallowed into a giant hole.

The checkout woman that I see almost every day made a quiet joke and the rest of the people including half the parents from Hannah’s school looked away and pretended they hadn’t heard the disclosure of my dismal financial status. I did my shopping extra fast.

So thanks Hannah. You’re ace, kid.

*You never tell anyone your wish or it won’t come true! Surely you know that?


6 thoughts on “She’s lucky she’s cute

  1. Ah, but she is very cute, so surely can get away with a lot of stuff like that 😉
    Miss K did similar to me yesterday. In the emergency department at the hospital (see blog for details) and she's being checked over by a (male) doctor and (male) nurse. She pats my chest and looks at said medical professionals to announce “These are my mummy's boobies. She's got boobies.” Queue nervous laughter from all involved.
    Thanks kid.


  2. *snicker*

    but of course if you're anti-capitalistic then being poor is cool! so really she was just announcing to the world how cool you are! *nods. insincerely.* 😛


  3. he-he – I remember my son doing something similar – the thing was that at the time I knew I was in the top 1% of income earners in NZ, but we live a sustainable low consumer-consumption sort of life style so compared to his friends I guess we seemed “poor”. It's all relative to kids. That same son now has a veggie garden out the back of his inner city student flat so it all worked out 🙂


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