Doesn’t everyone do this?

Take photos of themselves in their really dirty bathroom mirror wearing their mid-blocking, (it’s still wet.) freshly knitted jersey and simultaneously trying not to get green polar fleece pyjama pants, with daisies on, also in the shot? Sure you do.

Anyway, ignore all that and let’s marvel at the fact that I finally finished knitting my Bibi jersey [rav link] after almost 2 years. MARVEL.

Miracle of miracles I also finished knitting my scarf tonight. Photos tomorrow… hopefully. I’ll spare you the grimy bathroom mirror next time.

And more excitement, I cast on my first pair of socks! I am knitting the Splendiferous Socks by my very own TashΒ in some Knitsch Yarn that she sent in my Fairy Godmother package a while back. Expect to see those finished about 2014.

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