My little brother, Blobbit, had an entry in this year’s Rotorua Creation and Colour Awards (our version of wearable arts). Last night while we were down in Rotorua, that little brother of mine happened to take out three of the top awards. His design won the Colour Award, the top prize for the youth section, and then the Supreme Award!
The official pics aren’t out yet but some are appearing on facebook so this is the best you get πŸ˜›
Robbie, Ngatai, and Zoe
He’s an ace kid. I’m so proud of him! He’s heading to Massey University in Wellington next year and I know he’s gonna do fabulous things. Weeeeeeeeeeeee.

5 thoughts on “Untitled1

  1. Stupid pregnancy hormones…I have actual tears and I don't even recall if I have even met the fella ha!
    They just sprung themselves upon me when I read that he would be moving to Wellington


  2. What a tinarse huh. Quite like my little bro.. hes getting quite clever. Scared hes guna out design me at design school now.. But ultra proud!


  3. I heard his mum reckon that he was just trying to out do his sisters I can see the arty side comes from his father but i dont know where he would get that sort of competitive thing from?


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